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Hi guys.

Havnt written in a while, life stuff but progress is being made on my next movie and i will be up as soon as it is ready

Work has commenced on Jason vs Alienss part 4:)

Jason vs Aliens Part 4

2012-02-23 14:49:33 by Crossover-Films

Hey guys. Ive been reading some of the reviews my movies have got over the years and most of them are positive. Some of you want me to finish the series, so Ive decided that I might as well finish what I started.

Hi guys - Been a long time. Life stuff lol. Ive decided to come back to newgrounds. I will be publishing things in the near future(I hope) but I have a Big crossover story written (10,500 words so far). I came off here because I didnt think I could do the ideas in my head justice. Need to upgrade my computer first. Whats the animation program everyones using nowadays?